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Takkasta, Taggasta

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2952
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU KUR.URU
Literature Alp, S., 1991: Hethitische Briefe aus Maşat-Höyük, İstanbul.

Cornelius, F., 1958: "Geographie der Hethiterreiches", OrNS 27, 225-251.

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Forlanini, M., 1999: "La ricostructione della geografia storica del ponto nella tarda età del bronzo e la continuità della toponomastica indigena fıno all’eta romana", Rendiconti 131/2, 397-422.

Garstang, J. - O.R.Gurney 1959: The Geography of the Hittite Empire, London.

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I. Singer. 2002: Hittite Prayers.

Ünal, A., 1974: Hattušili III. Teil I (=THeth. 3), Heidelberg.
Administration An “overseer” or “administrator” (AGRIG) is attested in the text KBo 16.78 I 12.
Cult In the AN.TAH.ŠUM-Festival Takkasta is mentioned under the list of cities which make offerings (URUTág-[ga-aš-ta; KBo 4,13 I 31’).

In a prayer of Arnuwanda I and his wife Asmunikal the Name Takkasta is attested among other place names (Singer 2002, 42; Ünal 1974, 214).
History The first mention of this Takkasta is found in the letters of Maşat/Tapigga in which two male persons (men of Takkasta), namely Tamiti and Píšgatalli are attested (Mşt.75/50). Other Maşat letters mention “watchmen” or “scouts” who were sent to Takkasta (Mşt.75/70, Mşt.75/16) (for edition see Alp 1991).

We know from the Annals of Mursili II, that the Great King led a campaign to Takkasta, because its troops had attacked the Land of Hatti and captured the Saddupa, Karahna and Marista lands. Mursili captured Takasta in a night attack (Götze 1933: 146-148).

According the Apology of Hattusili III, kaskaian troops of the city Pishuru attacked the cities Karahna and Marista and marched to the borders of Takkasta and Talmaliya (Hatt. II 32-33, Otten 1981, 12-13).
Ancient Textual Documentation Mşt.75/50
CTH 61 II: KBo 5.8 I 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 27, 28, 29; KBo 2.5 II 5; KBo 16.8 I 4’ (br.), 5’
CTH 81: KBo 3.6 II 17
CTH 375: KUB 23.115+; 23.17+ 31.117 III 8; KUB 31.124 II 4 (br.); Bo 8617, 4
CTH 625: KBo 4.13 I 31’
CTH 635: KBo 16.78 I 12
Net of Routes From the historical data we can conclude that between Takkasta and Talmaliya in close proxmity, Marista, Karahna, Saddupa and Tapigga (Maşat Höyük).
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals The localization proposals for Takkasta ranges from the northwest of Hattusa to the northeast.

Between Kızılırmak and Devrez (Garstang – Gurney 1959: 23).
In the north or in the east of Turhal (von Schuler 1965: 19 fn. 2; 47 fn. 303).
In the east of Divriği, =gr. Dagusa (Cornelius 1958: 246; 1973: 200f.).
In the north of Çekerek and the Turhal-Tokat line (Ünal 1974: 213-214).
Perhaps Ayvalıpınar in the Amasya district (Forlanini 1999, 404).
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