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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2955
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR.URU
Literature Cornelius, F., 1958: "Geographie der Hethiterreiches", OrNS 27, 225-251.

Garstang, J. - O.R.Gurney 1959: The Geography of the Hittite Empire, London.

Otten, H., 1981: Die Apologie Hattusilis III. (=StBoT 24), Wiesbaden.

Ünal, A., 1974: Hattušili III. Teil I (=THeth. 3), Heidelberg.

Administration The Proclamation of Telipinu mentions a storehouse (É NA4 KIŠIB).
History After Muwatalli II had moved his capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa, some countries, Pishuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista and fortified cities among them, attacked and destroyed northern Hittite cities (Apol. § 6) (Otten 1981: 10-11).

In his apology, Hattusili III says that he rules all of them; i.e lands of Ishupitta, Marista, Hissashapa, Katapa, Hanhana, Darahna, Hattena, Durmitta, Pala, Tumanna, Gassiya, Sappa, and Hulana-river Land.
(Apol. § 8) (Otten 1981: 14-15)

Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 61.II.7.A: KBo 5.8+ I 5
CTH 61.II.10: KBo 2.5+ III 21
CTH 81.A: KUB 1.1+ II 4, 32
CTH 81.B: KBo 3.6+ I 69, II 16, 37
CTH 186: HKM 17 15, 18 ; HKM 24 13 (br.), 48, 58 (br.)
CTH 209: KBo 18.79 27´
CTH 238.5: Compare KBo 19.30 5 (br.)
2BoTU 23A III 21´
Net of Routes In the Apology of Hattusili III Pishuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista are listed together., also in the apology Karahna and Marista are listed together.
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals Around the northern Euphrates (Cornelius 1958: 247)
Near Çorum (Garstang-Gurney 1959: 13)
Near the upper parts of the Çekerek river (Ünal 1974: 201f.)

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