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Kathaituwa, Kathaiduwa

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2958
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Cornelius, F., 1973: Geschichte der Hethiter, Darmstadt.

Götze, A., 1967: Die Annalen des Mursilis, Darmstadt.

Otten, H., 1981: Die Apologie Hattusilis III. (=StBoT 24), Wiesbaden.

History Because Tipiya didn’t give troops Mursili II invaded to land of Kathaiduwa and who received from there civilian captives, oxen, sheep took away to Hattusa and ravaged the city (A.M § 10) (Götze 1967: 26 vdd.).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 61.1.A: KBo 3.4 I 50
CTH 61.II.2.A: KUB 14.16 I 26 (br.), 29 (br.)
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals Between Amasya and Tokat (Cornelius 1973: 140).
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