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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2959
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR.URU
Literature Alp, S., 1991: Hethitische Briefe aus Maşat-Höyük, İstanbul.

Cornelius, F., 1958: "Geographie der Hethiterreiches", OrNS 27, 225-251.

Cornelius, F., 1973: Geschichte der Hethiter, Darmstadt.

Singer, I., 1996: Muwatalli's Prayer to the Assembly of Gods Through the Storm-God of Lightning (CTH 381), Atlanta, Georgia.
Cult In the KUB 6.45= 6.46 is attested land of Tupazziya strom god, male gods and female gods.
Ancient Textual Documentation KUB 40.II.3.G: KUB 19.18 I 11’, 14
CTH 188: HKM 96 19’
CTH 381.B: KUB 6.46 III 34f = CTH 381.A: KUB 6.45 II 69f

Net of Routes According to HKM 96 lands of Ishupitta, Sakaddunuwa, Sanahuitta, Tupazziya, Lahuwazantiya, Isuwa take place in Upper Land.
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals Identical with Tipurziya on the Amanos mountains (Cornelius 1958: 7).
At Niğde (Cornelius 1973: 142).
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