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Sakaddunuwa, Saktunuwa, Sakdunuwa

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2962
Geographical Type Mountain Mountainland
Determinative HUR.SAG KUR
Literature Alp, S., 1991: Hethitische Briefe aus Maşat-Höyük, İstanbul.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 83.2.A: KBo 16.36+ II 4’
CTH 188: HKM 46 8
CTH 188: HKM 96 18´
CTH 190: HKM 71 18
CTH 413.A: KUB 2.2 II 57; III 1
CTH 517.A: KUB 38.12 I 24
CTH 725.B: KBo 19.162 Obv. 14
Net of Routes In HKM 46 is mentioned an enemy, the enemy crossed at frontier of the cities Isteruwa and Zispa. After they crossed these frontiers may go to Sakaddunuwa. According to these information Sakaddunuwa near the cities Isteruwa and Zispa.
In HKM 71 is mentioned that troops of Sakaddunuwa, Ishupitta and Karahna need to send together to Ninisankuwa. Perhaps we say that these cities are near each other.
According to HKM 96 lands of Ishupitta, Sakaddunuwa, Sanahuitta, Tupazziya, Lahuwazantiya, Isuwa take place in Upper Land.
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals Because there are a few documents, localization is difficult, but is thought to be connected with Istiruwa, Karahna
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