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Tankuwa, Dankuwa

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2963
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR
Literature Bossert, H. Th., 1946: Asia, Istanbul.

Cornelius, F., 1973: Geschichte der Hethiter, Darmstadt.

Forlanini, M., 1999: "La ricostructione della geografia storica del ponto nella tarda età del bronzo e la continuità della toponomastica indigena fıno all’eta romana", Rendiconti 131/2, 397-422.

Laroche, E., 1961: "Etudes de Toponymie Anatolienne", RHA 19: 57-98.

Ünal, A., 1974: Hattušili III. Teil I (=THeth. 3), Heidelberg.

History Mursili II. mentions in the 7th. Year of his detailed Annals (KUB 14.17 Rev. III 7’, 17’) about attacks and raids, which Anniya the king of Azzi make to Tankuwa (AM 96-99). According the Apology of Hattusili III, kaskaian troops attacked the cities Šaddupa und Tankuwa (Hatt. II 19, 23).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 61: KUB 14.17 III 17
CTH 61: KUB 26.79 I 10
CTH 81: KBo 3.6+ II 4 = KUB 1.2+ II 5 = KUB 1.6 II 13’
CTH 670: KBo 44.144 I 5’
Net of Routes The name Tankuwa is also mention in a fragment of a Hittite festival. Here attested together with the placenames Durmitta and Ališa (KBo 44.144 I 5’).
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals A precise localization for Talmaliya is yet to be established. Tankuwa was identifiedwith the classical city Dankoba, near Amasya (RGTC 6, 396; Cornelius 1973, 186). Also a localization between Tokat and the Upper-Euphrates (between the Hittite places Šaduppa and Pittijarik) has been propossed (Ünal 1974, 215). Recently a localization more in the east at the border of Azzi-Hayasa was preffered (Forlanini 1999, map). In the light of the Annals of Mursili II, a localization between the Hatti-Land and Azzi-Hayasa should be the best choice. But in view of the kaskaean attack, Tankuwa should be search near the Area of Kaska too.
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