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Takupta, Takupsa, Tukupta

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2964
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR.URU
Literature Haas, V., 1970: Der Kult von Nerik, Roma.

von Schuler, E., 1965: Die Kaškäer, Berlin.

Singer, I., 1984: "The AGRIG in the Hittite Texts", AS 34: 97-127.
Administration An “overseer” or “administrator” (AGRIG) is attested in the text KUB 26.2 Rev. 8‘. This administrator is also responsible for the offering for the weathergod of Nerik (KUB 36,89 Obs. 6)
Cult The colophon of a inventory text, which include also the cult inventory for the gods of Tankupta (KUB 7,24 + KUB 58,29 Rs. IV 14‘-15‘), we know that more as one god have a cult in Tankupta (also KUB 6,45 I 72f.), but the names of this gods are unmentioned.
History This placename is attested as Takupta in Texts of the Assyrian Colony Period (RGTC 4: 123). From KUB 26.62 we know that Tankupta gives 20 soldiers for the kingdom. In the time of Hattusili III, probably his son Tuthaliya IV erected new buildings in Takupta (KUB 19,8 III 32).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 231.2: KUB 26.2 Rev. 8
CTH 671.A: KUB 36.89 Obv. 6
CTH 83.1.B:KUB 19.8 III 32
CTH 506: KUB 7.24 + KUB 58.29 Rev. IV 14‘-15‘
CTH 381.A: KUB 6.45 I 72f.
CTH 40.III.a) 5.A: KBo 14.42
CTH 375.1.C: KUB 23.115 III 9
CTH 83.1.B: KUB 19.8 III 33‘
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals The mentions of Tankupta together with Nerik, Hakmis and the mounts Haharwa and Malimaliya (KBo 14,42; KUB 23,115 III 9; KUB 6,45 I 72) let argued a localization in the north of Hattusa.
Probably also near the Zithaharija mountais (KUB 19,8 III 33‘).
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