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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2966
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Forlanini, M., 2008: “The Central Provinces of Hatti: An Updating”, in: K. Strobel (ed.), New Perspectives on the Historical Geography and Topography of Anatolia in the II and I Millennium B.C.(Eothen 16), Firenze, 145-188.

Haas, V., 1994: Geschichte der hethitischen Religion, Leiden – New York – Köln.

de Martino, S., 2006: “The City Tawiniya and the Meaning of the Word paššu- in the Hittite Texts”, in R. Bombi – G. Cifoletti – F. Fusco - L. Innocente – V. Orioles (eds.), Studi Linguistici in onore di Roberto Gusmani, Alessandria, 537-547.
Cult In the outline of the AN.TAḪ.ŠUM-festival (KUB 30 39 obv. 22 integrated with KUB 25 27 I 12’, 20’), on the second day of this festival, the king and the queen are in Hattusa; on the following day the “hunting bag (kurša)” is carried from Arinna to Hattusa; on the fourth day the “hunting bag” is transferred to Tawiniya and on the day after it is carried to Hiyasna. In this latter town a special rite is celebrated during the night, when the king goes on the roof. Although the text does not say of which building the roof is, we can presume that it was the roof of either a temple or a palace. According to Haas (1994: 786) this rite might be connected with the observation of the new moon.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 604: KUB 30.39 obv. 22
CTH 629: KUB 25.27 I 12’, 20’
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
Other Localization Proposals On the way between Hattusa and Tawiniya (de Martino 2008: 540; Forlanini 2008: 151)
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