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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2978
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Kümmel, H.M., 1985: “Die Annalen Hattusilis I”, TUAT I/5 : 455-563.

del Monte, G. - J. Tischler 1978: Die Orts- und Gewässernamen der hethitischen Texte (RGTC 6), Wiesbaden.
History The city of İkakala was called Alalakh in the annals of Hattušili I and mentioned as a place where he made a campaign after Waršuwa.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 4.I: KBo 10.1 Obv. 8
CTH 4.II.A: KBo 10.2 I 17, 18
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
One must look for the city in a close distance to Alalakh and Uršu, probably in and around Gaziantep.
Other Localization Proposals
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