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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2982
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Collins, B.J., 1987: “§54 of the Hittite Laws and the Old Kingdom Periphery”, Or NS 56: 136-141.

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History In Hittite legal texts, soldiers of Tašhiniya were exempt from šahhan and luzzi together with some cities, but this was removed some time later (Imparati 1992: 73 f. art. 54). after Alalakh, the city of Tašhiniya was the third city that went through a campaign in the period of Hattušili I (KBo 10.2 Obv. I 15 f.).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 4.I: KBo 10.1 Obv. 9
CTH 4.II.A: KBo 10.2 I 18
CTH 291.I.a.A: KBo 6.2 III 13=3 III 16 = CTH 291.II.c.B: KUB 29.15 Obv. 9
CTH 291.II.c.A: KBo 6.6 I 20
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
After the campaign of Alalakh, Hattušili I made campaigns to Uršu, İkakala and Tašhiniya respectively. This means one must look for the city in the vicinity of Uršu.
Other Localization Proposals Goetze (1953: 69), Otten (1958:78), Schuler (1965: 21) suggest that one must look for the city of Tašhiniya in Euphrates Region.
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