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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 2987
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Forlanini, M. 1979: "Appunti di geografia etea", Studia Mediterranea P. Meriggi dicata, 165-185.

del Monte, G. - J. Tischler 1978: Die Orts- und Gewässernamen der hethitischen Texte (RGTC 6), Wiesbaden.

del Monte G. F., 1992: Die Orts und Gewässernamen der Hethitischen Texte, (RGTC 6/2), Wiesbaden.
History The city of Zipašna was also mentioned during the campaign of Hahha in the period of Hattušili I. Additionally, it is mentioned that the king captured the city of Zipašna before Hahha and took the sculptures of gods in the city to the Sun Goddess of Arinna (KBo 10.2 Rev. III 1-42)
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 4.I: KBo 10.1 Obv. 47, Rev. 3
CTH 4.II.A: KBo 10.2 II 49, III 3
CTH 211.11: KUB 23.116 Obv. 3
CTH 242.5 KUB 40.96+KUB 60.1 r.Kol.14
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
One must look for the city of Zipašna in the vicinity of the area proposed for Hahha/Hahhum.
Other Localization Proposals
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