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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3002
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR KUR.URU
Literature Forlanini, M., 1977: "L'Anatolia nord-occidentale nell'impero eteo" SMEA 18, 114.

Forlanini, M. 2007: “The Offering List of KBo 4 13 (I 17’-48’)”, SMEA 49, 259-280.

Forlanini, M. 2009: “On the Middle Kızılırmak II”, in: F. Pecchioli Daddi, G. Torri, C. Corti (eds.), Central-North Anatolia in the Hittite Period, Roma, 57 n. 107
Administration Sahurunuwa had land properties in the region of Harziuna; the decree issued by Tuthaliya IV in favor of some of Sahurunuwan’s heirs (CTH 225) mentions also some villages that were inside the country of Harziuna: Arantanna, Tiwalwalliya, Harputa, Ala, Sisura, Appala.
Cult The Prayer of Mursili II to the assembly of gods through the Storm God of Lightening (CTH 381) mentions the deities of Harziuna: Washaliya, the Storm God, male and female deities, mountains and rivers (II 34-35).
KUB 53 43 r. col. mentions three cities, Durmitta, Kattela and Harziuna, with their protective deities, that are, respectively, Telibuna/Telipinu, the sacred mountain Iyaliya and the sacred mountain Kammaliya.
History The Comprehensive Annals of Mursili II (CTH 61) relate that this king moved to Harziuna in order to avoid the plague that had broken out in Hatti at the time of his father Suppiluliuma I.
Harziuna is mentioned together with Zallara and the Lower Land in a fragment of the Annals of Hattusili III (CTH 82); in this text these place names define, from south-east to north-west, the frontiers of the region attacked by an unknown enemy (= Lukka ?).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 61 KBo 16 15 + I 9, II 21’
CTH 82 KUB 216a + rev 14’
CTH 225 KUB 26 43 obv. 19, 22, 23; KUB 26 50 obv. 9’, 15’
CTH 381 KBo 57 18 + KUB 30 14 + KUB 6 45 II 36-37
CTH 521 KBo 12 140 l.r. 2
CTH 530 KUB 53 42 r.col. 9’
CTH 572 KUB 50 13, 2’
CTH 578 KUB 50 19, 4’
CTH 625 KBo 4 13 + I 40’
Net of Routes The tablet KBo 4 13, with the offering list that mentions several Hittite cities divided according their geographical position, suggests a lcation of Harziuna not far from Sallapa, since these two center appear the one close to the other (I 40’).
(sure or highly probable)
West of the Salt Lake
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