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Inventory No 3003
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Ünal, A. 1995: “Reminiszenzen an die Zeit der altassyrischen Handelskolonien in hethitischen Texten”, AoF 22, 269-276.

Forlanini, M., 2008b: “The Historical geography of Anatolia and the transition from the kārum-period to the Early Hittite Empire”, in: J.G. Dercksen (ed.), Anatolia and the Jazira during the Old Assyrian Period, Leiden, 57-86.

Barjamovic, G., 2011: A Historical Geography of Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period, Copenhagen.
Cult The tablet KBo 4 13 (CTH 625) refers to offerings for the deities of Harziuna, Sa(l)lapa and Salatiwara; since the list of this text corresponds to the geographica location of the mentioned cities, Salatiwara was in the area of Harizuna and Sa(l)lapa.
History Salatiwara was an important center during the Middle Bronze Age as is documented by the Kültepe tablets and also by the Anitta’s Res Gestae (CTH 1). This latter documents relates that the ruler of Salatiwara opposed Anitta, king of Nesa/Kanes.
During the Late Bronze Age, Salatiwara lost its former political importance; in fact it occurs only in very few Hittite texts of the imperial age.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 1 KUB 26 71, 52, 53, 65; KBo 50 1, 3’[, 4’[
CTH 625 KBo 4 13 I 40’-41’
CTH 670 KBo 27 31, 7
Net of Routes The place name Salatiwara is often mentioned in the Old Assyrian texts from Kültepe; one passage of the tablet AKT 3 mentions a bridge from Wahsusana to Salatiwara; the only important river that one can find on this road is the Sakariya; according to Barjamovic (2011, 354) the traditional crossing for the Sakariya is located near Gordion at the confluence with the Prosuk Ҫay. This observation might give a clue for the location of Salatiwara too.
In the Res Gestae of Anitta (CTH 1) it is written that the ruler of Salatiwara, when moving against Anitta and leaving his residence, went to the river Hulana. Therefore Salatiwara was not far from this river.
(sure or highly probable)
Close to the Sakariya/Sangarios river; presumably not far from Gordion
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