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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3004
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Barjamovic, G. 2010: “Sites, Routes and Historical Geography in Central Anatolia”, in: Singer (ed.), ipamati kistamati pari tumatimis (FsHawkins), Tel Aviv, 10-25.

Barjamovic, G., 2011: A Historical Geography of Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period, Copenhagen.

Forlanini, M. 2009: “On the Middle Kızılırmak II”, in: F. Pecchioli Daddi, G. Torri, C. Corti (eds.), Central-North Anatolia in the Hittite Period, Roma, 57 n. 107

Forlanini, M. 2012: “Review of Barjamovic 2011”, BiOr 69, 296.
History Wahsusana is often mentioned in the tablets from Kültepe; it occurs in only one Hittite text, KUB 23 116, a historigraphical fragment of King Arnuwanda I.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 211, KUB 23 116 obv. 7.
Net of Routes The already mentioned text KUB 23 116 shows that Wahsusana was close to Ka/issiya.
(sure or highly probable)
Not far from Ankara; so Forlanini (2009, 59 n. 118): at Ballıkuyumcu (abou 32 Km. south west of Ankara).
Other Localization Proposals Barjamovic (2010, 21; 2011, 400-401): at Kapalıkaya/Büklükkale, on the western bank of the Kızılırmak.
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