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Inventory No 3062
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Forlanini, M. 2009: “On the Middle Kızılırmak II”, in F. Pecchioli Daddi, G. Torri, C. Corti (eds.), Central-North Anatolia in the Hittite Period: 40-69, Firenze.

de Martino, S. in press: “The Region of Ankara at the Hittite Age: the “Province” of Ka/iššiya in a Diachronic Perspective”, in: in press

Miller, J. 2013: Royal Hittite Instructions and Related Administrative Texts, Atlanta.
Administration Ḫartana was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of King Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty Oath of town commanders to this king (Miller 2013: 194-205) shows.
Cult A passage of the Cult Inventory KUB 32.32 obv. 3 deals with the building of some temples at Ḫartana. This same text mentions the cult of the mount Ziwana, when speaking of Ḫartana;
according to Forlanini (2009: 58-59) the Hittite city Ḫartana might be located at Külhöyük; therefore the mountain Ziwana might correspond to Gavurkalesi.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 260 KUB 26.24 + I 6
CTH 508 KUB 38.32 obv. 3
CTH 530 KUB 48.105 + KBo 12.53 Rev. 10’, 34
CTH 577 KUB 22.45 obv. 34’

Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
Külhöyük (Forlanini 2009: 58-59)
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