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Inventory No 3063
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Carruba, O. 1974: “Tahurwaili von Hatti und die Heth. Geschichte um 1500 v. Chr.”, in: K.

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Miller, J. 2013: Royal Hittite Instructions and Related Administrative Texts, Atlanta.
Administration Mallidaškuriya occurs in the Telipinu’s decree on the list of cities that had a storage depot. The place name that precedes is Ḫaraḫara. A closeness between these two city is also supported by the Loyalty Oath sworn by several town commanders to King Arnuwanda I (Miller 2013: 194-195), where they both occur.
This city was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty Oath of town commanders to this king (Miller 2013: 194-205) shows.
In the 13th century Mallidaškuriya became part of the “province” of Durmitta, as the adminsitrative text KUB 48.105 + obv. 42’ shows.
Cult The Sun deity of Mallidaškuriya is mentioned among the deities invoked in the Prayer of Muwattalli II to the assembly of gods through the Storm God of Lightning (II 33); it appears in the same paragraph where the Storm God of Šaḫḫuwiya and the Storm God of Paḫatima occur. In the tablet catalogue KUB 17.19 rev. 4’-5’ the mention of the festival for the Storm God of Paḫatima occurs after that of the festival for the Storm God of Purušḫanda; we may suppose that Paḫatima was not far from Purušḫanda. The deities that are mentioned in the Muwattalli’s prayer after those of Mallidaškuriya are the gods of Ḫarziuna, that we proposed to locate west of the Salt Lake. Therefore we may propose a location west of the Salt Lake for Mallidaškuriya too.
History According to the Hittite text KUB 26.27 princess Ḫarapšeki, Telipinu’s daughter, and her husband Alluwamna were banished and sent into exile into the city of Mallidaškuriya. Therefore, Mallidaškuriya was part f the Hittite kingdom at the time of Telipinu, because it had a storage depot, but at the same time, it presumably was a peripheral city, considered suitable for hosting rebellious people sent into exile.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 19 Telipinu’s decree § 38, II 39
CTH 19 KUB 31.2 + III 2
CTH 23 KUB 26.77 obv. 12
CTH 260 KUB 26.24 + obv. 1
CTH 381 KBo 57.18 + II 33; KUB 6.45 II 33 = 46 III 2
CTH 530 KUB 48.105 + KBo 12.53 obv. 42’
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
West of the Salt Lake, south of Ḫartana and north of Ḫarziuna, (de Martino, in press.)
At Ҫaliş Höyük (about 20 km east of the modern city Haymana) (Forlanini 2009: 54).
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