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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3083
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature del Monte G. F.- J. Tischer, 1978: Die Orts und Gewässernamen der Hethitischen Texte, RGTC 6.

Forlanini M., 1980: “La Prima Lista di VBoT 68 e la Provincia di Arinna” SMEA 22: 71-80.

Forlanini, M., 2008: “The Central Provinces of Hatti: An Updating”, K. Strobel (ed.), New Perspectives on the Historical Geography and Topography of Anatolia in the II and I Millennium B.C.(Eothen 16), Firenze, 145-188.

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Administration Local administrator: Ku-ru-uš-ta-ma-a-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 8').
Cult the men of Kurušdamma occur in a ritual context together with a man of Ḫarašta, a village belonging to Arinna's Province (KBo 10.9 obv. 9', 11', 16'), with a men of Tagalmuḫa (KBo 10.11 I 3). In KBo 13.175 they are connected with the sacred kurša (hunting bag) and the village of Atalḫziya
History The "sons of K." (or "the men of K. A son of Ḫatti") were sent to Egypt by a Hittite king (probably Tutḫaliya I), in the context of an alliance, as we know from the Annals of Šuppiluliuma (CTH 40), the Plague Prayer of Muršili II (CTH 378), and fragments of the treaty concerned (CTH 34), cf. Singer 2004.
During the reign of Muwattalli II, Ḫa[..., Kuruštama and Gazziura rebelled. When at the end the king came he fortified Palḫuišša and Anziliya, but did not come to help his brother Ḫattušili, nor to Durmitta and Kuruštama (Apology of Ḫattušili III, CTH 81 II 8, 54). According to CTH 85 (I 26-28) K. was the limit of the territory granted by Muwattalli II to his brother Ḫattušili, encompassing the provinces of Ḫakpiš, Ištaḫara, Taraḫna, Ḫattena, and Ḫanḫana.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 40 IV.1: KBo 14.12 IV 27
CTH 81: KUB 1.1+: II 8, 54; KUB 1.6 II 2'; KBo 3.6+KUB 1.7+: II 35
CTH 85: KBo 6.29 I 28
CTH 134 A: KBo 8.37 obv. 7'
CTH 134 B: Bo3508 7'
CTH 231.1: VBoT 68 II 8'
CTH 375 1C: KUB 23.17 III 16'
CTH 378 IIA: KUB 14.8 obv. 13'
CTH 530 : KUB 44.18 obv. 15, 17
CTH 647: KBo 59.95: 7'
CTH 654: KBo 10.9 obv. 10', 11'; KBo 10.11 obv. 3; KBo 13. 175 rev. 5'; FHL 32, 1', 6'
CTH 670: KUB 51.35 obv.? 8
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
In the province of Arinna on the border with Ḫanḫana (Forlanini 1980, 75, 78-79); the "men of Kuruštama" are not Kaškeans but "sons of Ḫatti". The passage of the Apology of Ḫattušili III (CTH 81) does not mean that Kuruštama was near Gazziura, and the latter, a hapax never mentioned in the corpus of Maşat, has probably nothing to do with Class. Gazioura. K. İs given as the limit of the kingdom of Ḫattušili granted by Muwattalli II (CTH 85 I 26-28), and it would have no meaning mentioning it as a limit on the outside border, towards territories to be conquered, much better if it was the last town if his kingdom towards Ḫatti and connected with the last province mentioned in the text, that of Ḫanḫana.
Other Localization Proposals Earlier proposals: Goetze, Ünal and von Schuler (near Gazioura/Turhal) Garstang - Gurney (Dazimon/Tokat), Cornelius (west of the upper Euphrates), ( Del Monte – Tischler 1978: 229-230; Ünal 1981:373-374).
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