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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3086
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature De Martino S., 2006: "The City of Tawiniya and the Meaning of the Word paššu- in Hittite Texts", in R.Bombi et alii, Studi linguistici in onore di Roberto Gusmani, Alessandria, Vol. 1, 237-247.

Forlanini, M. 1979: "Appunti di geografia etea", Studia Mediterranea P. Meriggi dicata, 165-185.

Forlanini, M., 2008: “The Central Provinces of Hatti: An Updating”, K. Strobel (ed.), New Perspectives on the Historical Geography and Topography of Anatolia in the II and I Millennium B.C.(Eothen 16), Firenze, 145-188.
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 238.4: KBo 16.57 rev. 4
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
In the province of Tawiniya (Forlanini 1979: 167; 2008: 163; De Martino 2006: 546).
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