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Šummanzana, Šummanzanā, Šummazana, Šumanzana

Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3089
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature de Martino, S., 2006: “The City Tawiniya and the Meaning of the Word paššu- in the Hittite Texts”, in R. Bombi – G. Cifoletti – F. Fusco - L. Innocente – V. Orioles (eds.), Studi Linguistici in onore di Roberto Gusmani, Alessandria, 537-547.

Forlanini, M. 1979: "Appunti di geografia etea", Studia Mediterranea P. Meriggi dicata, 165-185.

Forlanini, M., 2008: “The Central Provinces of Hatti: An Updating”, K. Strobel (ed.), New Perspectives on the Historical Geography and Topography of Anatolia in the II and I Millennium B.C.(Eothen 16), Firenze, 145-188.
Administration woma/en of the "queen's palace" in S., KBo 10.10 V 2'-3'
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 222.91 (LSU 1, LHK 91): KBo 5. 7 rev. 18
CTH 235: KBo 10.10 V 3'
CTH 238: KBo 57.7 3'
CTH 238.4: KBo 16.57 rev. 2
? CTH 250: KBo 31.60 4' (URU?]Šu-mi-in-za-na)
CTH 282.8: KUB 48.48 obv 1
CTH 832: KBo 22.218 obv. 3'
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
In the province of Tawiniya (Forlanini 1979: 167; 2008: 163; cf. De Martino 2006, 546). Together with the villages Waštišša, Uluwanta, Kapanuwanta, As[ā], [Zunau]liya among the properties of Šuppiluliuma, scribe on wood of the Cook's House, in the time of Arnuwanda I (LHK: 235-237, 243-244); same town or homonymy? The list of KBo 57.7 where S. İs followed by Ankuššana, a place connected with the Pirwa cult, favours the assumption of more than one village with this name.
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