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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3100
Geographical Type City
Determinative URU
Literature Cornelius, F., 1973: Geschichte der Hethiter, Darmstadt.

del Monte G. F.- J. Tischer, 1978: Die Orts und Gewässernamen der Hethitischen Texte, RGTC 6.

Finkelstein, J.J., 1956: “A Hittite mandattu-Text”, JCS 10: 101-105.

Garstang, J. - O.R.Gurney 1959: The Geography of the Hittite Empire, London.

Goetze, A., 1960: “Rev. of: Gastrang J.-Gurney O. R. 1959”, JCS 14: 43-48.

Kümmel, H.M., 1985: “Die Annalen Hattusilis I”, TUAT I/5 : 455-563.
History In KBo 10.2 obv. I 53-54, I. Hattušili mentiones that he fought with Appaya, Takšaniya, Parmanna cities in order, and then with Alha Land which he had destroyed. The following year of the destruction of Alha Land, he beats the Land of King Zaruna.
In the agreement text between I. Šuppiluliuma and Mattiwaza the king of Mitanni (KBo 1.1 obv. 1 18-24) ,it is mentioned that the king dominates Isuwa once again in Hitit sovereignty: ‘’I’ve passed the Euphrates and attacked to İšuwa Land because of the patronization of King Tušratta. I have beaten the Išuwa Land for the second time and dominated them. I have beaten the Gurtališša warriors who has been through the Isuwa Land in my father’s time, Arawana warriors, Zazišša Land, Tegarama Land, Timmina Land, Karna Highland, Turmitta warriors, Alha Land, Hurma Land, Harana Land, half of Tegarama Land, Tepurziya warriors, Hazga warriors, Armatana warriors, I have beaten these warriors and these countries and conquered them again for Hatti Land. I have released these countries İ’ve captured, they’ve stayed in their places. All the people I have released has returned to their people and Hatti Land took their places.’’
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 4: KBo 10.2 II 9, 10
KBo 10.1 obv. 30
CTH 51: KBo 1.1 obv. 12, 21
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
As it is understood from both resources from the the periods of I. Hattušili and I. Šuppiluliuma,Alha must have been located in southeast of Anatolia, in border with İšuwa Land. Malatya and its adjacencies could be appropriate for Alha like Cornelius pointed out
Other Localization Proposals Gastrang – Gurney (1959: 45f) and Goetze (1960: 46)has equalized Alha with Lalha City. If the places Lalha mentioned is considered, it can be seen that it is localized in Kaška Region,North of Anatolia besides South. (del Monte – Tischler 1978: 241f). Cornelius has pointed out that Alha should be searched in west peak, Meadow of Malatya .
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