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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3101
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR.URU
Literature Cornelius, F., 1958: "Geographie der Hethiterreiches", OrNS 27, 225-251, 373-398.

Cornelius F., (1958a),“Zur hethitischen Geographie: die Nachbarn des Hethiterreiches”, RHA 16/62: 1-17.

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Goetze, A., 1940: Kizzuwatna and the Problem of Hittite Geography, New Haven.

Goetze, A., 1960: “Rev. of: Gastrang J.-Gurney O. R. 1959”, JCS 14: 43-48.
History Before I. Šuppiluliuma reaches throne, in his father III. Tudhaliya’s time Hitit Kingdom was surrounded by attacks and despoliations. One of these enemies was the Armatana Land: ‘’Armatananian enemy attacked from the other side and destroyed Hatti countries, determined the Kizzuwatna City as the border and destroyed Hattusa city down.’’ (KBo 6.28 obv. I 6 ff). As I. Šuppiluliuma took the throne, he arranged a military expedition to Kizzuwatna, which city was conquered by Armatana Land, and made an agreement with the king of Kizzuwatna (Goetze 1940: 12 ff).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 40: KUB 34.32 8
KBo 14.8 III 8’,17’,19’
KUB 34.32 11’
CTH 51: KBo 1.1 obv. 13, 22.
KBo 1.2 obv. 3
CTH 88: KBo 6.28 obv. 13
CTH 237: KBo 12.67 13’
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
According to the text KBo 6.28 Armatana Land was located in Kizzuwatna Region.
Other Localization Proposals Gastrang-Gurney equalize Armatana and Arawana lands (1959: 44f), but Goetze has located Armatana in south of Išuwa (1940: 25f). Cornelius equalizes Armatana with Ramitha which is in North of Syria, near to Laodikea
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