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Other Hittite Names:

Inventory No 3105
Geographical Type City Land
Determinative URU KUR
Literature del Monte G. F.- J. Tischer, 1978: Die Orts und Gewässernamen der Hethitischen Texte, RGTC 6.

del Monte G. F., 1992: Die Orts und Gewässernamen der Hethitischen Texte, (RGTC 6/2), Wiesbaden.

Forlanini, M., 1992: “Am mittleren Kızılırmak”, Fs Alp: 171-179.

Jakob-Rost L,1963: MIO 9, 222.
Cult In KBo 2.13 obv. 21 f, there is mention about the storm god of Mamnanta: ‘’ Storm God of the Mamnata city as an iron bull, mountains of Arnuwanda as mace, an iron statue is built. Mountains of Haranašša as mace, an iron description on it, and white mountains as mace an iron description on it’’ (Savaş, 2006: 638).
Ancient Textual Documentation CTH 505: KBo 2.7 rev. 24’
KBo 2.13 obv. 21, rev. 13’
CTH 510: KUB 38.10 III 16’
Net of Routes
(sure or highly probable)
Mamnanta city must be searched in Kizzuwatna Region.
Other Localization Proposals
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