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Hittite Name Geographical Type Determinative Administration Cult History Net of Routes Other Observations  
Taurisa   City   URU            
Ahlamu   City   URU            
Ailanuwa   City   URU            
Alalah   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU            
Alanta   City   URU            
Alha   City   URU       In KBo 10.2 obv. I 53-54, I. Hattušili mentiones that he fought with Appaya, Takšaniya, Parmanna c      
Alina   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Als/zi   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU            
Anamusta   City   URU       Came under the rule of Hittite Empire with Treaty of Sunassura, in the period of Suppiluliuma.      
Antaluta   City   URU            
Arhita   City   URU     According to treaty of between Suppiluliuma and Azzi Hayasa, in the list of swear gods, take place w        
Arihuwa   City   URU            
Aripsa   City   URU            
Armatana   City Land   URU KUR.URU       Before I. Šuppiluliuma reaches throne, in his father III. Tudhaliya’s time Hitit Kingdom was surr      
Arpa   City   URU     Charges on the weather god of Sapinuva.        
Artuna   City   URU         On the way from Hattusa to Kalasma    
Aruar   City   URU       The city of Aruar is encountered in a single line in Kültepe texts (KUG 29 14). Despite the strict      
Aššuwašša   City   URU   The administrative text KUB 48.105 + rev. 31 shows that this town was part of the “province” of          
Astikurka   City   URU            
Astuhira   City   URU            
Atalhazi(ya)   City   URU            
Atarrawanna   City   URU            
Atimisa   City   URU            
Daistipassa, Taistipa   Land   KUR.URU       After Muwatalli II had moved his capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa, some countries, Pishuru, Daist   In the Apology of Hattusili III Pišhuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista are listed together.    
Dukkamma, Duggama   City   URU            
Gaitḫarza   City   URU   Local administrator: Ga-it-ḪAR-za-i-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 14').          
Ḫa/uršuwanda   City   URU            
Hahaya   Mountain   HUR.SAG     divine mountain worshiped in the cult of Nerik.        
Hahha, Hahhum   City   URU   From the texts of Kültepe, it is seen that the city of Hahhum owns a rubā’um (king), šarrum (va     Mentioned among the karums in Kültepe Layer II, the city was referred as Hah(h)um in pre- and proto      
Haisihla   City   URU            
Hakmis, Hakpis   City Land   KUR.URU URU KUR       The first mentions of Hakmis are dated in the Old Hittite period, for example KBo 20.23, a fragment      
Hakurma   Mountain   HUR.SAG     cultic worship was done in mounth feast.        
Halas/ta   City   URU     before, the KAL-deities of Sarissa, mountain Sunara, flow Kumara and river Sihiriya mention.        
Hallapiya   City   URU   a local administrator, URUḫal-la-pí-ya-il: VBoT 68 II 10' a "house" of H. in Arinna (?): Popko 20   the men of H. are involved in the cult of Arinna the "man" of H.: KBo 9. 91 rev. B 3; KBo 45.97: ob        
Halpa   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU     The worship of the Storm God of Halap holds an important place in the Hittite pantheon. His name rec   In the reign of Hattusili I, North Syria was ruled by the powerful Yamhad Kingdom, with its capital      
Halu   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Hamahula   City   URU            
Ḫammuḫiya   City   URU   Local administrator: Ḫa-am-mu-ḫi-ya-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 12')          
Hanziwa   City   URU            
Hanziwa   City   URU            
Haparhuna   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Hapataha   City   URU            
Hapinuwa I   City   URU            
Harana IV   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Ḫarašta   City   URU   Local administrator: ḪAR-aš-ta-a-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 8').   a man of Ḫarašta takes part in a cult ceremony together with the men of Kuruštama (also in the p        
Ḫarkiya   City   URU   Having a "sealed storehouse" in the time of king Telepinu (CTH 19, Hoffmann 1984, 40-41); in this li          
Ḫartana   City   URU   Ḫartana was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of King Arnuwanda I, as the Loya   A passage of the Cult Inventory KUB 32.32 obv. 3 deals with the building of some temples at Ḫartan        
Harziuna   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU   Sahurunuwa had land properties in the region of Harziuna; the decree issued by Tuthaliya IV in favor   The Prayer of Mursili II to the assembly of gods through the Storm God of Lightening (CTH 381) menti   The Comprehensive Annals of Mursili II (CTH 61) relate that this king moved to Harziuna in order to   The tablet KBo 4 13, with the offering list that mentions several Hittite cities divided according t    
Haš(š)uwa   City Land   URU KUR.URU       Being one of the places where Hattušili I made a campaign, the city of Haššuwa is also an importa     The city was mentioned with a possive suffix as Ha-šu-im in Ancient Assyrian texts. It is also writ  
Ḫašpunâ   City   URU   Local administrator: Ḫa-aš-pu-na-a-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 4')          
Hastiriya   City   URU            
Hašuna   City   URU     It is mentioned about the storm god of Hašuna inKUB 14.13 I 14.The city is also remembered with the        
Hatanta   City   URU     In a passage of the tablet KBo 54 67 (rev. 12’-15’) it is said the ceremonies for the goddess Ka        
Hatkara   City   URU            
Hatra   City Land   URU KUR.URU       In the I. Hattuşili annuals it is mentionned, that during the campaign of king "Arzawa", " "Hurrs"      
Hazalmuna   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Ḫazzumiya   City   URU   Local administrator: Ḫa-az-zu-mi-[ya-il] (ethnicon, VBoT 68 III 7')          
Hinzuta, Henzuta   City   URU            
Hisurla   City   URU            
Hiyasna   City   URU     In the outline of the AN.TAḪ.ŠUM-festival (KUB 30 39 obv. 22 integrated with KUB 25 27 I 12’, 2        
Hiyasna   City   URU            
Ḫuḫuliya   City   URU   This city was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty O          
Hurla   Mountain   HUR.SAG            
Hurma   City   URU   Mentioned among the leading kingdoms in Kültepe Layer II Karums, the city of Hurme is an important   In the texts, there are some statements like Storm God of the city of Hurma (KBo 1.1 Rev. 42) and Go   Mentioned as Hu-ra-ma in Old Assyria (Nashef 1991: 60), the city was referred to as Hu-ur-ma (del Mo      
Ḫu[l]lara   City   URU   Local administrator: Ḫu-[ul]-la-ra-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 9')          
Ḫ]ippuriya, Ḫipuriya   City   URU   A local administrator: [Ḫi]-ip-pu-ri-ya-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 6')          
İkakala   City   URU       The city of İkakala was called Alalakh in the annals of Hattušili I and mentioned as a place where      
Inkalawa   City   URU            
Ipasana   Land   KUR       According to Apology of Hattusili III, the land of İpasana was desolated (Apol. § 6) (Otten 1981:      
Irrita, Irrite   City Land   URU KUR.URU   The city of Irrite was a small Hurria kingdom dependent on Mittani. Despite the invasion of Mitanni   In the oath section of the agreement made between Šuppiluliuma I and Mattiwaza, the son of Mitannia   According to lines 35 and 47 in KBo 1.3 (+) KUB 3.17 of the Mattiwaza version of the agreement made   Kargamıš- Euphrates- Irrite- Harran. KBo 1.3 (+) KUB3.17 Obv. 36-47.    
Ishupitta   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU   KBo 16.97+ KBo 40.48 mentions noblemen (BE-LUMEŠ).   The treaty between Suppiluliuma I and Tette mentions he storm god of Ishupitta as witness (KBo 1.4   After Muwatalli II had moved his capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa, some countries, Pishuru, Daist   In the Apology of Hattusili III Pishuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista are listed together. Accord    
Iskiya   City   URU            
Išmirika   City Land   URU KUR.URU     According to Ünal, İšmerikanians were also nomads just like the Kaškans who lived in north and t   Subject matter of the text KUB 26.41 + 23.68 + ABoT 56 is the agreement which is made with İšmiri      
Istitina   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Ituma   City   URU            
Iupapaina   City   URU            
Iyaupapa   City   URU            
Kannuwara   City   URU            
Kantisisa   City   URU            
Kargamıš   City Land   URU KUR KUR.URU   From Suppiluliuma I to Suppiluliuma II, Kargamıš witnessed only four kings against eight Hittite k   According to the documents of Suppiluliuma I after the capture of Kargamıs, no harm was done to the   Kargamıs served as a stronghold for North and middle Syria under the Mitannian rule. It may be supp      
Kartapaḫa / Kardabaḫa / Kartawaaḫa   City Land   URU KUR.URU   Capital of a ḫalzu-district including the following villages or towns: Zilpitta, Algamaḫa, Laḫ   Pantheon DWaḫiši of Kartapaḫa.: CTH 470 KBo 46. 156: left col. 11; CTH 669.15: IBoT 2. 77+KBo        
Kāšduwara, Kaštuwara   City   URU   a woman singer of the queen in K., KBo 12.65 II 6 ...on the gate of the house of Kašt[uwara?, KBo 1          
Kathaituwa, Kathaiduwa   City   URU       Because Tipiya didn’t give troops Mursili II invaded to land of Kathaiduwa and who received from      
Kattallaḫniša   City   URU            
Kišmitta   City   URU   Local administrator: Ki-iš-mi-it-ta-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 7')          
Kuruštam(m)a   City   URU   Local administrator: Ku-ru-uš-ta-ma-a-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 8').   the men of Kurušdamma occur in a ritual context together with a man of Ḫarašta, a village belong   The "sons of K." (or "the men of K. A son of Ḫatti") were sent to Egypt by a Hittite king (probabl      
Kutmar   City   URU       Suppiluliuma expressed the postition of Kutmar in the borders of Alz/se in the following way.      
K]ukkuttana, Kukkuddana   City   URU   a woman of the house of Šašiduindu in K., KBo 10.10 V 17'-18'.          
La(hu)wazantiya   City   URU            
Mal(i)tiya   City   URU       In the KBo 16.42 numbered text Malitiya is brought up in connection with Isuwa. Beside it is mention      
Mallidaškuriya   City   URU   Mallidaškuriya occurs in the Telipinu’s decree on the list of cities that had a storage depot. Th   The Sun deity of Mallidaškuriya is mentioned among the deities invoked in the Prayer of Muwattalli   According to the Hittite text KUB 26.27 princess Ḫarapšeki, Telipinu’s daughter, and her husban      
Mam(a)nanta   City Land   URU KUR     In KBo 2.13 obv. 21 f, there is mention about the storm god of Mamnanta: ‘’ Storm God of the Mam        
Manuziya   City Mountain   URU HUR.SAG     In KBo 4.2 III 49-53 , there is mention of the storm god of Manuziya. Besides, (CTH 628) in hišuwa        
Manzana   City   URU            
Marista   City Land   URU KUR.URU   The Proclamation of Telipinu mentions a storehouse (É NA4 KIŠIB).     After Muwatalli II had moved his capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa, some countries, Pishuru, Daist   In the Apology of Hattusili III Pishuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista are listed together., also    
Matikša   City   URU   Local administrator: Ma-ti-ik-ša-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 10')          
Matilla, Madilla, Matella, Matila   City   URU   Local administrator: Ma-ti-il-la-i[l (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 9') LÚZABAR.DAB functionary: KBo 10.31 I   Cf. Klinger 1996. Travel of the king to Matilla (VBoT 68 III 1-3) Great Festival in autumn at Matill        
Miltiya   City   URU            
Murmurika   City Land   URU KUR.URU       Šuppiluliuma mentiones that he has leaved the administration of Karkamıš and the cities bounded t      
Nihiriya   City   URU            
Ninniwa   City   URU   This city was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty O          
Nirhanta   City   URU            
Niya   City Land   URU KUR.URU   Two kings of Niya are mentioned in the agreement between I. Šuppiluliuma and Mattiwaza the Mitanni     In the agreement text between I. Šuppiluliuma and Mattiwaza it is mentioned that the king has beate      
Pah(a)tima   City   URU            
Pahuwa   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Palhuissa   City   URU            
Paršananḫila, Paršanaḫila   City Land   URU KUR.URU   Capital of a ḫalṣu-district, including the following towns: Ankataḫa (or the town of the godde   Priests: SANGA (HT 2: III 8) Women singers MUNUSMEŠ SÌR: HT 2: III 3-27// KBo 2. 31: obv. 7'-24'..        
Piggainaressa   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Pishuru   City   URU       After Muwatalli II had moved his capital from Hattusa to Tarhuntassa, some countries, Pishuru, Daist   In the Apology of Hattusili III Pishuru, Daistipassa, Ishupitta, Marista are listed together.    
Sakaddunuwa, Saktunuwa, Sakdunuwa   Mountain Mountainland   HUR.SAG KUR         In HKM 46 is mentioned an enemy, the enemy crossed at frontier of the cities Isteruwa and Zispa. Aft    
Salahsuwa   City   URU            
Šalampa / Šalma / Šalpa   City   URU   Capital of a ḫalṣu district including the following towns/villages: Angulliya, Ḫap?zišna, Pip   Pantheon Šalampa is connected with the cult of the goddess Kadaḫḫa officiated in Ḫattuša: KU   Anitta of Neša won a battle against the king of Ḫattuša at Šalampa (KUB 36. 98a Obv. 7'), cf. C      
Salatiwara   City   URU     The tablet KBo 4 13 (CTH 625) refers to offerings for the deities of Harziuna, Sa(l)lapa and Salatiw   Salatiwara was an important center during the Middle Bronze Age as is documented by the Kültepe tab   The place name Salatiwara is often mentioned in the Old Assyrian texts from Kültepe; one passage of   KBo 27 31 (CTH 670) mentions the merchants of Salatiwara together with those of Kanes and Tawiniya;  
Šāmuraliya   City   URU            
Sanahuitta   City   URU            
Šīppuwa, Šippūwa   City   URU   A woman of Nuwanza manufacturer of wicker baskets (?) in S.: KBo 10.10 V 1'-16'.          
Šummanzana, Šummanzanā, Šummazana, Šumanzana   City   URU   woma/en of the "queen's palace" in S., KBo 10.10 V 2'-3'          
Suwadara, Suwatara   Land   KUR.URU       According to Apology of Hattusili III the enemy came land of Suwadara several times (Apol. §6) (Ott      
Taggapu[wa?]   City   URU   Local administrator: Tag-ga-pu-[ú?-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 6')          
Tahalmuna   Mountain   HUR.SAG         In the text KUB 40,101 Tahalmuna is mentioned near the Arnuwanda and Amana mountains, while the te   The name Tahalmuna is probably a Hattian name (Haas 1970: 182).  
Taḫaramma   City   URU   This city was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty O          
Takkasta, Taggasta   City   URU KUR.URU   An “overseer” or “administrator” (AGRIG) is attested in the text KBo 16.78 I 12.   In the AN.TAH.ŠUM-Festival Takkasta is mentioned under the list of cities which make offerings (URU   The first mention of this Takkasta is found in the letters of Maşat/Tapigga in which two male perso   From the historical data we can conclude that between Takkasta and Talmaliya in close proxmity, Mar    
Takupta, Takupsa, Tukupta   City Land   URU KUR.URU   An “overseer” or “administrator” (AGRIG) is attested in the text KUB 26.2 Rev. 8‘. This ad   The colophon of a inventory text, which include also the cult inventory for the gods of Tankupta (KU   This placename is attested as Takupta in Texts of the Assyrian Colony Period (RGTC 4: 123). From KUB      
Talgamušši   City   URU   Local administrator: Ta-al-ga-mu-uš-ši[-ya-il] (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 13')          
Talmaliya   City   URU KUR.URU   A letter fragment mentions the leaders (LÚMEŠGAL) of the city of Talmaliya (KBo 18.53 12’, 13’   A snake oracle 18.6 IV 7 proves the existence of weathergod of Talmaliya (van Gessel 1998: 808).   In a treaty of Arnuwanda with the kaskaean people five persons of Pija, Sunupassi and Talmaliya (KBo   In a prayer of Arnuwanda I and his wife Ašmunikal, Talmaliya is mentioned in connection with the pl   Hittite place name.  
Tamalkiya   City   URU            
Tankuwa, Dankuwa   City Land   URU KUR       Mursili II. mentions in the 7th. Year of his detailed Annals (KUB 14.17 Rev. III 7’, 17’) about   The name Tankuwa is also mention in a fragment of a Hittite festival. Here attested together with th    
Tapalka   City   URU            
Taptina , Taptena   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Taramika   City   URU     Subject matter of KUB 38.1 obv. I 1-5 is the cult inventory of Tarameka city. ‘’Tarammeka city d   Tarameka city is mentioned in Kültepe 1b site names, and also recorded in Hittite texts as a city      
Tarkuma   City   URU            
Tashiniya   City   URU       In Hittite legal texts, soldiers of Tašhiniya were exempt from šahhan and luzzi together with some      
Taškuriya   City   URU   Local administrator, Ta-aš-ku-ri-ya-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 5'; KBo 30.157 I 7').          
Tataniya   City   URU            
Taw(i)niya, Daw(i)niya   City   URU   Tawiniya was one of the centers charged with the accumulation and redistribution of goods: VBoT 68   The main deity of Tawiniya was Telipinu; Telipinu of Tawiniya is mentioned among the divine witnesse   Tawiniya occurs in a fragmentary passage of the so called “Tale of Zalpa” (KBo 3 38 obv. 17’)   One of the gates of Hattusa is called in some texts “Tawiniya Gate” (KUB 10 91 II 11’-12’; K   A passage of KBo 34 167 obv. I 1-6 gives some information concerning the landscape of the area close  
Tintuniya   City   URU            
Tipiya   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Tipurziya   City   URU       In the agreement between I. Šuppiluliuma and Mattiwaza, it is mentioned that I. Šuppiluliuma conqu      
Tiruša   City   URU            
Tupazziya   City Land   URU KUR.URU     In the KUB 6.45= 6.46 is attested land of Tupazziya strom god, male gods and female gods.     According to HKM 96 lands of Ishupitta, Sakaddunuwa, Sanahuitta, Tupazziya, Lahuwazantiya, Isuwa tak    
Uišašpura   City   URU   This city was part of the “province” of Ka/iššiya at the time of Arnuwanda I, as the Loyalty O          
Ulušna   City   URU   Capital of a ḫalṣu district including the following towns/villages (HT 2: IV 15 – V 5): Ḫapi   Pantheon In the Fragm. Jendryschik Ulušna occurs in a ritual context (with Hattian songs) together        
Ura   City   URU            
Ursu/ Warsuwa   City Land   URU KUR       Mentioned among the karums of Kültepe Layer II, the city is often referred to in Old Assyrian texts      
Wahsusana   City   URU       Wahsusana is often mentioned in the tablets from Kültepe; it occurs in only one Hittite text, KUB 2   The already mentioned text KUB 23 116 shows that Wahsusana was close to Ka/issiya.    
Warata   City   URU            
Wargatawi   City   URU     In KUB 11 32 + , that describes the ceremonies for the goddess Teteshapi, the NIN.DINGIR priestess        
Wašukana   City   URU   Used as a capital during the period of Šuppiluliuma I by Mitanni Kingdom, the city of Wašukana was   The statement of Storm God, Lord of the city of Wašukana is mentioned in the texts. KBo 1.3 + KUB 3   In the period of Šuppiluliuma I, forces of Piyašili, Kargamıš King and Mattiwaza, who was appoin      
Zabarasna, Saparasana(?)   City Land Mountain   URU HUR.SAG KUR            
Zalpa   City Land   URU KUR.URU   Presence of Zalpa Kingdom and its effect upon the peripheral kingdoms are clearly visible in Anitta     The city of Zalpa is known as an important center in Assyrian Trade Colonies Period. The city was me   Lihzina→Zalpa (KBo 12.19) Zalpa→Haššuwa→Halap (KBo 3.27 Obv. I 28, 31)   We may say that Zalpa played a key role between Kaniš and Assyria due to its location on a passage  
Zaraššaniya   City   URU   Local administrator: Za-ra-aš-ša-ni-ya[-il] (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 12')          
Zarkapduna   City   URU   Local administrator: Za-ar-kap-du-na-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 12')          
Zaruna   City Land   URU KUR.URU       It is mentioned that Hattušili I went to Zaruna and defeated the city before the campaign of Hašš      
Zazlipa   City   URU       Zazlipa, İšmiraika, Kizzuwatna and Wašukanna are mentioned together in KUB 23.68 rev. 11 ff.      
Zazzisa, Zazsa   City Land   URU KUR.URU            
Zeḫḫašma, Ziḫšama   City   URU            
Ziluna   City   URU            
Zipašna   City   URU       The city of Zipašna was also mentioned during the campaign of Hahha in the period of Hattušili I.      
Zitak(ka)pis(s)a   City   URU   Local administrator: Zi-ta-ak-pí-iš-ši-ya-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 13')          
Zithara   City   URU            
Ziyaziya   City   URU            
Zuhma   Land   KUR.URU            
Zunahara   City Land   URU KUR.URU     In KUB 20.52 I 11’-14 there is mention of the Zuhna citizen.        
[...]kuliya   City   URU   Local administrator: [....]x-ku-li-ya-il (ethnicon, VBoT 68 II 3')