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Ada Tepe (AS 26)

Locations: Plain (Ova) Valley (Vadi) Mountain (Dağ) , Province: Hatay , Village: Başpınar

Inventory No 15
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude +36 28' 48.7"
Longitude +036 28'
Elevation 100
Species Mound (Höyük)
Type Settlement
Width 140
Lenght 200
Area 28000
Periods Middle Bronze Age II Old Hittite ~1650-1550/1500
Middle Bronze Age I Karum ~2000/1950-1700

Location and geographical Features





Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings Only 1 sherd of possible 2nd Millennium BC pottery assemblage from Amuq Valley Regional Project. The sherd is the twisted handle of a Syro-Cilician Jug, which is a strong indicator of MBA. Braidwood, the director of the previous survey project in the same region, did not note any 2nd Millennium BC period for this site (1937).


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