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Tell Wasfe (AS 31)

Locations: Valley (Vadi), Province: Hatay , Village:

Inventory No 18
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude +36 28' 06.0"
Longitude +036 28'
Elevation 87
Species Mound (Höyük)
Type Settlement
Height 8
Width 106
Lenght 80
Area 8480
Periods Middle Bronze Age I Karum ~2000/1950-1700
Middle Bronze Age II Old Hittite ~1650-1550/1500

Location and geographical Features





Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings A very large MBA pottery assemblage from Amuq Valley Regional Project. Syro-Cilician Ware sherds, mineral tempered cookware, globular jars, carinated shallow bowls, body sherds with comb incised decoration, pithoi with flanged rim grooved at the top, krater with grooved flanged rim, pithoi and cookware with applied rope decoration are all characteristics of MBA pottery in the region. It would be accurate to suggest both MB I and MB II for this settlement: handmade Syro-Cilician ware sherds would indicate earlier part of the MBA whereas the shallow bowl with inturning hook rim is indicator for the later part. Braidwood, the director of the previous survey project in the same region, did not note any 2nd Millennium BC period for this site (1937).


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