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Locations: Plain (Ova), Province: Kahramanmaraş , Village: Minehüyük

Inventory No 41
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude N37º 17.579
Longitude E36º 51.817
Elevation 543
Species Mound (Höyük)
Type Settlement
Height -
Width 267
Lenght 400
Area 106800
Periods Iron Age II ~900-

Location and geographical Features



It is located at the north of Gaziantep-Adana highway. As is known, this way is on the same route with Belen Pass, which is thought to have provided access to Çukurova (Cilicia).



Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings The mound produced an intense amount of Late Chalcolithic and EBA pottery. A stele exhibited today in Maraş Museum had also been recovered in Minehöyük. Showing a death feast scene, this piece was defined as a stele dating to Late Hittite period. The male figure sitting at a rest chair or throne is described with a bunch of grapes in his hand. In the opposite, a woman, probably his wife, is sitting at a rest chair or throne and holding a distaff in her hand. Over these, goods presumably used in daily life are also described as seen in other steles. The style of head and beard resembles an Aramean effect in themselves.


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