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Locations: Plain (Ova), Province: Kahramanmaraş , Village: Yazıköy

Inventory No 68
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude N38° 10' 40.8
Longitude E36° 48' 19.1
Elevation 1336
Species Mound (Höyük)
Type Settlement
Height 15
Width 166
Lenght 138
Area 22908
Periods Middle Bronze Age II Old Hittite ~1650-1550/1500
Late Bronze Age I Middle Hittite ~1550/1500-1350
Late Bronze Age II Imperial Hittite ~1350-1150
Iron Age I ~1150-900
Iron Age II ~900-

Location and geographical Features



It is located at a 3 km distance from the east of Yazıköy, 1 km from the south of Göksun-Elbistan land route, and 10 km from the West of Till Afşin Höyüğü.

You may follow this road to go to Karacaören Höyüğü from Afşin town center.



Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings Inside the holes openned by treasure hunters on the mound, there were remains of walls constructed with huge, unworked or half worked stone blocks. There were examples of Kura-Araxes pottery in these holes. The brick red pottery pieces with internally thickened rim may be dated to Old Hittite or Imperial Period. Painted band decorated pottery has parallels with Hittite pottery found in the region in the framework of their assemblage and decoration type.


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