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Kartalkaya - Ada Höyük

Locations: Plain (Ova) Island Underwater, Province: Kahramanmaraş , Village: Yarbaşı

Inventory No 71
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude N37° 28' 30.2
Longitude E37° 15' 43.5
Elevation 764
Species Mound (Höyük)
Type Settlement
Height 17
Width 178
Lenght 94
Area 16732
Periods Middle Bronze Age I Karum ~2000/1950-1700
Middle Bronze Age II Old Hittite ~1650-1550/1500
Late Bronze Age I Middle Hittite ~1550/1500-1350
Late Bronze Age II Imperial Hittite ~1350-1150
Iron Age I ~1150-900
Iron Age II ~900-

Location and geographical Features



The mound is visible only after the water lows in summer and takes the form of an island. It is located at the south of dam lake. We reached the island by boat during our research.



Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings We encountered plenty of grinding stone and mortar, huge storage vessels, large fragments of pithos, and traces of stone architecture and remains of buildings and fortification walls. Among the ceramics evidence on the mound, it is possible to see all forms of EBA orange slipped wares. There are also a few pieces of pottery with reserve slip. We also came across with paint decorated wares and incised decorated pottery with ripple and zig zag patterns which could be defined in small numbers in the mounds located in this region. In addition to these, we found wares and profiles related to Hittite Imperial Period. Iron Age variations of these examples form a definable part of the material.


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