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Tanır Kaya Kabartması

Locations: Plain (Ova), Province: Kahramanmaraş , Village: Tanır

Inventory No 72
Old Name
Ancient Name
Highly Probable Ancient Name
Latitude N38° 25' 27.7
Longitude E36° 55' 16.6
Elevation 1229
Species ------
Type Monument
Periods Iron Age I ~1150-900
Iron Age II ~900-

Location and geographical Features



It is located at the center of the town, in a place called Upper Strait.

To reach Tanır Rock Monument, you may follow this route from the center of Afşin:



Nearest Ancient Road

Survey Findings Through the survey we conducted in the Upper Strait, around the spring called Sahren, we encountered a hierogliph inscription and rock relief on the rocky surface. There is a hierogliph inscription at a height of 2.70 m from the floor. On this area, there is an 8-meter-long niche lying parallel to the floor with a depth of 90 cm and a height of 70 cm. At a 500-meter distance from the south of this area, there is a spring called Ayran Dede which gushes out of rocky surface. At the opposite, the rock forms an elevation of 1.45 m by a 90-degree-angle cut at the east of the platform which is 9x6.70 m in size. This area has a flattened surface. There are caverns on the flattened surface looking over the platform. We encountered with some engraved steps around this rocky platform. We also detected clean-cut rectangular caverns at the rocky areas in the same location. The caverns have these size and depth respectively as follows 65x47 cm and 20 cm, 75x40 cm and 34 cm, 72x40 cm and 30 cm, and 72x45 and 35 cm.


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